Three nutritional changes to help support your health in 2022

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A new year always brings plenty of resolutions, especially around health and wellbeing.  However, many fail quickly because we set ourselves targets that are unrealistic.  This can lead to demotivation, and we can struggle to get back on track again. 

However, what if there were three easy nutritional ‘add-ons’ you could make to your diet which would have a direct benefit to your health?

Clinical Nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer, shares her three top nutritional tips that everyone can benefit from.


Take the veg challenge

A range of vegetables representing fibre

There’s no escaping the fact that vegetables are loaded with essential nutrients, and especially those that are going to protect immunity, notably vitamin C.  Vegetables also contain so much more besides, especially antioxidants, which are incredibly protective of overall health.

Why not challenge yourself to try a new vegetable each week?  If you can get to a farmer’s market or farm shop, your tastebuds will be rewarded.

Close up of woman's hands holding a bowl of warming soup

Try to also be more creative with cooking methods.  Why not boil up some soup – just use any vegetables you have in the fridge with some stock and blend if desired, or enjoy it as a simple, and satisfying chunky broth? 

Most vegetables can be combined happily in many ways; roasting, mashing, steaming, stir-frying to name but a few methods. Even if you’re making a spaghetti Bolognaise, why not add some carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach to the mix?

Add turmeric to everything

wooden spoon with powered turmeric and turmeric root

Turmeric has really carved out a starring role for itself in the botanical health stakes.  There is much research to support its ranking as a ‘super food’, particularly in terms of joint support, liver detoxification, reduction of blood cholesterol levels, brain health and as an all-round anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric was traditionally used in India to spice up curries and is still as popular today.  Turmeric contains active compounds called curcuminoids, the most important one being curcumin. In fact, it can be purchased as a dried spice as either turmeric or curcumin. If taken in supplement form, one that contains extracted turmeric with a high concentration of curcumin is recommended.

Curry dish and rice

In terms of adding turmeric to your cooking, be liberal with it!  Obviously curries and spicy dishes really benefit from using plenty of turmeric.  However, scrambled eggs, savoury pancakes, paella, spicy parsnip soup, or roasted sweet potato wedges all love turmeric too. There’s no shortage of delicious ways to include more turmeric in your diet.

Go for flax

A spoon full of flax seeds

Also called linseeds, flaxseeds are rich in the essential omega-3 fatty acids. We know unequivocally, the UK population are deficient in the essential omega-3 fats; they are called ‘essential’ because the body can’t make them, so they have to be eaten in the diet.

Importantly, omega-3s deliver so many crucial health benefits that if you’re deficient in them you could be struggling with anything from hormone issues, constipation or skin problems to low mood, dehydration, or high blood pressure. Omega 3s are only found in oily fish and flaxseeds in any meaningful amounts, so both are good to add to your diet.


Whether you have porridge, overnight oats, cereal or natural yoghurt and fruit, there’s space for at least a dessertspoon full of flaxseeds every day. Your body will really thank you for it and you will hopefully notice some great improvements to overall health.

So, enjoy the power of three for some great health benefits in 2022.


Stay well.


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