There’s a lot of life in these Multi-Vitamins! Find out about new Soft Jells!

shutterstock_242759494 multi generational family Oct15We are very excited to tell you that this week we have launched our new range of Multi-Vitamins – Alive! Soft Jells! We have listened to you, our customers, and created a range of delicious, fruity soft jells which are packed full of key nutrients for you and your family. Consultant Suzie Sawyer, who was involved in the development of these products, tells us why she wanted to get involved and why she supports the Alive! brand.

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Following on from the success of the Alive! tablet range of multi-vitamins and minerals, it’s been a great pleasure for me to be at the forefront of the complex formulation process for the Alive! Soft Jell Multi-Vitamins and Minerals range – the exciting and latest addition to the brand in the UK.

Following on from the success of the Alive! tablet range of multi-vitamins and minerals, it’s been a great pleasure for me to be at the forefront of the complex formulation process for the Alive! Soft Jell Multi-Vitamins and Minerals range – the exciting and latest addition to the brand in the UK.

FullRangePerspectiveShot_wgummiesThere’s something for everyone with products for all the family at every life stage, plus a specialist immune formulation which is suitable for both adults and children aged 3 years and over.

As a Consultant Nutritionist, my challenge was to develop a range of multi-vitamins with meaningful levels of a broad spectrum of nutrients, but within a great-tasting Soft Jell format. The other challenge was to create a range of products that were the best in class; we wanted to create optimised formulations that provide great health benefits and could stand up against less efficacious formulations already in the market.

But why should we take a multi-vitamin?

  • Taking additional nutrients will help energy levels, encourage vitality and support optimal wellness – who wouldn’t want some of that?!
  • The body needs around 50 different nutrients on a daily basis – it’s almost impossible to achieve anywhere near that in most households, even with the best of dietary intentions
  • Stress, the scourge of modern-day living, depletes the body of many nutrients, particularly the B vitamins
  • Many prescription medicines frequently deplete the body of essential nutrients
  • Modern farming methods optimise the use of agriculture land, but exhaust it of vital nutrients, particularly trace minerals, such as selenium
  • The typical Western diet is high in sugar and ‘white’ refined foods: these are low in vitamins and minerals and also deplete the body of essential nutrients

So having established why we need to take a multi-vitamin, why try Alive! Soft Jells?

Womens Energy_wgummiesEach Alive! Soft Jell formulation contains optimised levels of the most important vitamins and minerals. With this unique Soft Jell format, taste is absolutely key, as is the mouth texture – in other words how it feels when you chew it. Immune_wgummiesOn both counts I really feel like we have achieved top marks: we have created delicious orange and berry natural fruit flavours and by using a pectin-based formulation we’ve achieved a great melt-in-the-mouth feel.

Womens 50_wgummiesPlus the Soft Jell format is a completely vegetarian formulation – it is free from gelatine.

So, with perfectly balanced nutritional solutions for all the family, what’s special about each specific product in the Soft Jell range?

Mens_wgummiesThe Alive! brand is all about ‘feeling alive!’ and represents vitality, inspiration and healthy living. We encourage everyone to eat a rainbow diet which includes as many fruits and vegetables as possible but we also advocate topping up the daily diet with Alive! Childrens_wgummiesEach Soft Jell contains our unique dried blend of 26 fruits and vegetables – something no other range can boast.

Here’s a quick fire guide to each of the products – you can find out much more on the Alive! website

shutterstock_49925380 group of women sitting Oct15Women’s Energy Soft Jells

  • Specially optimised for women of all ages to maximise energy production
  • Specific nutrients to help hormone balance including iodine and Vitamin B6
  • 400% NRV of Vitamin D for bone and immune support
  • With biotin, which is needed for luxuriant hair, together with healthy skin and nails

shutterstock_46989997 family in the snow Oct15Immune Support Soft Jells

  • A great all-round immune support with black elderberry being the key nutrient
  • It includes the combined immune-supporting nutrients of Vitamins A, C, D, B6 and Zinc
  • Perfect for the whole family starting from three years and upwards
  • A great product to take ahead of, and throughout, the winter months and beyond

shutterstock_150359354 group of women over fifty Oct15Women’s 50+ Soft Jells

  • Specially balanced for women over 50 years of age and includes all key supportive nutrients for this age group
  • With Vitamins B12 and Biotin for great energy production and Vitamin B6 to help maintain hormone balance
  • Contains 400% NRV of Vitamin D for bone health
  • Plus there’s the complete family of B Vitamins to provide great energy

shutterstock_72617749 men father and son Oct15Men’s Energy Soft Jells

  • Formulated for men of all ages to optimise health and vitality
  • Providing enhanced levels of Zinc and selenium, essential for fertility and reproduction
  • With Vitamins C, B5, B6 and Thiamin specifically for energy production
  • Also containing Vitamins A and B2 for normal vision

shutterstock_289525484 children group Oct15Children’s Soft Jells

  • Specially formulated for all children from 3 years
  • With 200% NRV of vitamin D for bone health – crucial in growing children
  • Also providing optimal levels of Vitamin C and zinc for immune support
  • Including Iodine needed for normal growth in children
  • Superb tasting orange and berry fruits flavours your children will love!

So, with something for everyone, we’ve worked really hard to ensure that the body’s nutritional needs are fully supported and enhanced, and that you’ll actually enjoying taking your daily top-up!


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